Tobias Penno – Mental Health Practitioner

Bach. Sci. Engineering, Masters of Social Work (Hons; Research Prize Faculty of Health & Medical Science UWA)

Tobias Penno is an Emotional Health Practitioner & Social Worker with a background in Government Child Protection and Counselling. After years of professionally managing extreme child, family and relationship stress, Tobias has found his passion in healing Emotional Pain & Trauma through the body. Tobias is currently working towards making his clinical practise, Emotional Healthcare, fully online where he combines somatic techniques with narrative therapy. Tobias is a researcher at the University of Western Australia, with an award-winning dissertation titled How Ayahuasca Offers Psychosocial Wellbeing and is currently working on a PhD researching the links between attachment trauma, the body, and best-practice in psychedelic integration therapy.



Dr Simon Martin – Chiropractor

B.Chiro, B. Sci., B.A.

I am a registered Chiropractor and trainer in Emotional Health Practices. I studied Psychology and Anatomy streams at Curtin University before completing my Chiropractic Degree at Murdoch University. I’ve had the opportunity to teach neurology at tertiary level and also work in Singapore’s Camden Medical Centre. As the Director of the Heartschool, my passion is building our team, culture and community. I have been teaching these hands-on-healing, workshops, retreats & certified-trainings across Australia since 2014.

Social Enterprise

Emotional Healthcare is not a profit maximising business and we like to share our success with local enterprises that we believe are leaving a positive environmental and social impact. As we grow, our giving will also grow. We believe that if we help more people become financially secure, they will also have the ability to share their wealth and together we can make an even larger impact.