Learn how to breathe, move and eat your way to a healthier happier you.

What is Emotional Healthcare?

Emotional Healthcare is a model of healing based on connection


Our offering represents something paradigmatically different to the mental health system. Our main intention is to empower you with more self-awareness and self-compassion, to arrive, naturally and more self-responsibly towards your own, organic conclusions. We will endeavour to help you to understand the dynamics of your own life, however empower you with threading how your current emotional situation relates directly to those around you. For if a fish is unhealthy – we look first to the pond.


We are meeting you where you are at and, really fundamentally, offering care, and presence. Emotional Healthcare understands the importance of the body and nervous system to your emotions, including the way you move, the way you contract in defence, how you breathe, what you imbibe and the biome of your guts.


We predominantly use tools from Narrative Therapy, and Heartschool, in a sort of body-based narrative therapy that seeks to tap into the innate intelligence of the human body and heart which Knows how to help itself.